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Sant’Antioco is the fourth largest island in Italy and is a small universe of History, Nature, Geology. Not everyone knows that Sulcis is after the...
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The Archeo-tour to Seruci and Sirai is a way to go deeper in the ancient history of South Western Sardinia,  focused on the old populations...
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The Iglesiente is a wonderful land with a grand past related to the mines. Actually astonishing landscapes are the scenarios of impressive mining buildings: our...
The Temple of Antas is a Punic-Roman temple, a highly symbolic place for the history of Sardinia. The location is a suggestive countryside in the...
The guided tour of Carloforte and the island of San Pietro leads us to the most fascinating places on the island of San Pietro to...
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Nora is among the best preserved Roman cities in Sardinia. It rises above the remains of an ancient Phoenician-Punic settlement in a context of immense...
Trekking in the mountain of the village of Bolotana (NU) in the center of Sardinia allows to immerse yourself in unusual landscapes for Sardinia, in...
Fantastic itinerary that allows you to discover the stack of Pan di Zucchero gradually, through exceptional points of view on the coast of Nebida. One of...
The circular trekking from Cala Domestica to the Canal Grande of Nebida is one of the most panoramic on the South West coast of Sardinia,...