Temple of Antas and Su Mannau Cave Guided tour

1 Day

The Temple of Antas is a Punic-Roman temple, a highly symbolic place for the history of Sardinia. The location is a suggestive countryside in the South West of Sardinia. The Temple of Antas has a special meaning for the history of Sardinia, because is dedicated to Sardus Pater Babai, the eponymous god of the Sardinians.

Built in a former sacred place during the Nuragic era (three well tombs from the late Nuragic period) and where there is a Nuragic village, the visible Temple currently has Roman features (a reconstruction of 300 AD) and represents a unicum in Sardinia.

The area of ​​the ancient Roman quarries is also of great interest as well as the adjacent Nuragic village, all around elements of local flora, such as a spectacular centuries-old oak, visible during the tour.

After lunch, we visit the Caves of Su Mannau, a wonderful karst cavity that offers splendid views, with internal lakes and suggestive concretions. Here too there are environments of archaeological interest, such as an ancient Nuragic sacred well. The visit will be conducted by local speleological guides.

The GuideTiziana Dedola, tourist guide and local expert.
The transfer: by private car or minibus (extra cost not included).


The Temple of Antas is a highly suggestive place for the beauty of the landscape in which it is immersed and for the history that marks it.

A symbolic place for millennia, it was a sacred area of ​​the Nuragic period, a Phoenician-Punic temple and later a Roman temple.

From here the tour moves to the Su Mannau Caves, also a scene of sacred rituals from the Nuragic period and a fabulous karst cavity with suggestive views, which we will visit with local speleological guides.


  • Antas Temple
  • Well tombs from the late Nuragic period
  • Nuragic Village
  • Centuries-old oak
  • Roman Quarries
  • Su Mannau Caves


Cost Includes:

  • English-speaking professional tourist guide

Cost excludes:

  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Antas Temple and Su Mannau Cave tickets
  • Transport (to be agreed)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (to be agreed)

Trip Facts

  • 60€
  • 45€
  • 250€
  • 5-10 people
  • Easy
  • archeology and nature
  • english, italian