About where Sardinia

where-sardinia-tiziana-dedolawhere Sardinia offers guided tours in Sardinia, with a special focus on Sulcis Iglesiente, in the South West of the island. The places are all rich in history and nature as well as breathtaking landscapes.

The intent is to share a pinch of the soul of Sardinia, a land of traditions, authenticity and nature.

We choose itineraries outside the classic tourism routes to introduce unique places, often out of the crowd, but all linked by a rare beauty and charm.


Tiziana, Tourist and Hiking Guide


The visits are led by Tiziana Dedola, Tourist and Hiking Guide, born in the center of Sardinia and grew up in Bolotana, a small town a few kilometers from Nuoro. Tiziana currently lives in Nebida, a former mining village on the sea, where she opened a lovely seaside Bed & Breakfast, Pedra Rubia, and has been working for years as a tourist guide in South Sardinia.

Before this experience, Tiziana lived in Rome, where she graduated in Communication Sciences, Naples and Milan, where she dealt with communication and web marketing, with the constant desire to apply her skills to the promotion of her beautiful island, Sardinia.

In 2014 finally the leap into the void: Tiziana and her partner leave their jobs in Milan and move to Sardinia to open a Bed & Breakfast dedicated to active holidays and take the qualifications of Tourist and Hiking Guide, Tiziana, and Alpine Guide Marco.

Since then they have been working to welcome visitors and make them feel unforgettable emotions.

Why the name Where Sardinia

The name Where Sardinia is after a kind of joke, inspired by the fact that on Google most of the world searches relating to Sardinia are precisely “Where is Sardinia”, most of the people even don’t know where the island is located in the world. It shows that there is so much to do to make Sardinia better known, nothing should be taken for granted and there are many “Sardinias” to visit, often unknown and, therefore, even more surprising.

Where Sardinia really wants to show you these unforgettable places and suggest alternative itineraries for those who want to go beyond the surface and really get to know Sardinia.