1 Day 2 People
The Iglesiente is a wonderful land with a grand past related to the mines. Actually astonishing landscapes are the scenarios of impressive mining buildings: our...
5 Days 4-8 People
Speak of the Wild West in Italy and the Sulcis Iglesiente, in the south-west of Sardinia, is what comes to mind. Wild because of its pristine...
The Iglesiente mines are located in breathtaking landscapes, in front of the beautiful sardinian sea, not far from spectacular beaches. The Weekend Iglesiente Mines &...
The guided tour of Carloforte and the island of San Pietro leads us to the most fascinating places on the island of San Pietro to...
Fantastic itinerary that allows you to discover the stack of Pan di Zucchero gradually, through exceptional points of view on the coast of Nebida. One of...