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Sant’Antioco is the fourth largest island in Italy and is a small universe of History, Nature, Geology. Not everyone knows that Sulcis is after the...
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The Archeo-tour to Seruci and Sirai is a way to go deeper in the ancient history of South Western Sardinia,  focused on the old populations...
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Speak of the Wild West in Italy and the Sulcis Iglesiente, in the south-west of Sardinia, is what comes to mind. Wild because of its pristine...
The Temple of Antas is a Punic-Roman temple, a highly symbolic place for the history of Sardinia. The location is a suggestive countryside in the...
Cagliari is the city of water and light, surrounded by pools of lagoon or sea water that make it one of a kind. A seaside...
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Nora is among the best preserved Roman cities in Sardinia. It rises above the remains of an ancient Phoenician-Punic settlement in a context of immense...
The guided tour of the city of Bosa is aimed to discover one of the most characteristic and charming towns in Sardinia, elected one of...