Giardino Montano Linasia, Mountain Garden in the hearth of Marganai Forest


The Linasia Mountain Garden is inside the beautiful Marganai forest, in the Monte Linas area, after which its name. It is a few kilometers from the mining village of San Benedetto, in the Iglesias area.

The Linasia Garden is a fascinating botanical garden located 720 meters above sea level, where there are numerous species of endemic plants of the Linas territory, including some rare plants, exclusive to small territories, such as the helichrysum of Monte Linas or the Spillone of the Sulcis.
In addition to the endemic plants, there are also other botanical species widespread in the area, but not endemic, of great interest, because they are often very rare.

The Garden was built next to some renovated mining buildings to house a guesthouse, a small “Casa Natura” museum and a conference room.
The environment is well organized and every species of shrubs, flowers, trees have all been labeled. Sometimes it is possible to take guided tours.

Not everyone knows that a part of the botanical garden is dedicated to butterflies, with the specimens of plants in which these beautiful insects float more easily. Also in this case, there are explanatory signs that offer information to visitors.

Here the position of the Linasia Moutain Garden on Google Maps.
For those wishing to visit this splendid botanical garden, we suggest to contact the Linasia Cooperative.

Cooperativa Linasia Tel: 0781 20061


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