The Tomb of the Giants Barrancu Mannu Santadi


The Tomb of the Giants Barrancu Mannu is immersed in a breathtaking atmosphere. It is located in the territory of Santadi, a few kilometers from the equally charming forest of San Pantaleo.

The Tomb of Barrancu Mannu is of great impact, as it dominates the surrounding landscape in the center of a system of small yellow and pink granite spiers immersed in spontaneous vegetation, made up of wild olive trees, fragrant myrtle and mastic trees.

Dated in the Middle / Recent Bronze Age (from 1,300 BC), the tomb consists of rows of overlapping stones, with an imposing central architrave in the center of the exedra and apsidal tomb body.

The mysticism of the natural context is striking, in which the landscape really seems to bear the signs of the ancient history of this sacred place. A short distance away, a cave with wind-blown granite tafoni, probable under-rock shelter during prehistoric times, testifies to an even more ancient past, as the recent discoveries of possible rock carvings on its walls would reveal.

Here is the location on Google Maps for those wishing to visit the Tomb of the Giants Barrancu Mannu and appreciate its atmosphere.

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