Porto Flavia, how to visit Porto Flavia and why it’s a Best Place to go


Porto Flavia is a spectacular place from many points of view and an absolute Best place to go for those who want to know Sardinia better.
Discover how to visit Porto Flavia with an exclusive guided tour led by a tourist guide, skipping the line and find out all the details of this masterpiece: Porto Flavia guided tour from Masua with Private Guide.

What is Porto Flavia?

porto-flavia-where-sardiniaPorto Flavia is an ancient (almost centenary) mining harbor built overlooking the sea, in a unique setting for the beauty of the rock and the crystalline sea below, a construction that looks like of a fantasy castle suspended 20 meters from the water.

It is a mining port intended for the docking of ships for loading minerals from the nearby Masua mine, transported by an electric train inside the Porto Flavia tunnel, dug into the beautiful limestone cliff.

porto-flavia-landscape-where-sardiniaA must see for the beauty of the landscape, the Iglesiente rocky coast still not too crowded, and a must see because it is a mining structure, therefore, belonging to the harshest but fascinating past of Sardinia, a past made up of admirable inventions, arrivals and departures from all over Europe, a past of men and women subjected to heavy work, a past of culture and struggles.

Visiting Porto Flavia therefore means coming into contact in one fell swoop with:

  • an impressive nature, in fact, you can walk inside the oldest rocks in Europe;
  • an example of mining engineering unique in the world, as it consists of two tunnels and a port of embarkation completely dug into the rock,
  • a place of toil and sacrifice that is worth knowing and keeping in the heart.

But let’s go to the point.

How to visit Porto Flavia?

guided-tours-mines-where-sardiniaPorto Flavia is a mining site currently managed by the municipality of Iglesias, which has set up a system of guided tours.

RESERVATIONS: It is advisable to book, although it is not currently mandatory. It is advisable to purchase tickets online, within the day before the visit, to be sure you do not have to wait outside the ticket office, since over the years Porto Flavia has attracted more and more visitors and in the summer season, queues are frequent.

This is the site on which to buy tickets: www.iglesiasturismo.it
The Iglesias Tourist Office can be reached for information.
Every day from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 19
Telephone number 0781 274507
e-mail infoturistiche@comune.iglesias.ca.it

Join us! Visit Porto Flavia with a private tour and skip the line

logo-verticale-wheresardiniawhere Sardinia proposes an exclusive guided tour to Porto Flavia from the beach of Masua.
Visiting Porto Flavia and the area of ​​the wonderful Masua beach with an exclusive tour guide allows you to enjoy the beauty of the place and get to know the mining history in depth, skipping the line at the ticket office, taking advantage of a personalized guide service, with a Porto Flavia ticket included in the price. Here all the info!

where Sardinia offers another option to visit Porto Flavia: a whole day dedicated to the Mines on the Sea: Iglesiente Mines on the sea Guided Tour.
In one day we’ll visit other impressive mines by the sea, in breathtaking landscapes, with a wider view of the mining history in Sardinia and the beautiful locations of these astonishing buildings.

Contact us to define all the details or book now!

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