Visit to the Monteponi Mine in Iglesias – Sardinia

Monteponi is the Mine by definition. A few kilometers from Iglesias, it is one of the most important mining complexes in Sardinia and Italy, with a past full of events and characters. It is a mine of records and great works, the flagship of the Sardinian mining world.
Visiting the mining village allows you to go through more than a century of history and reconstruct the life of a cutting-edge industrial centre, populated by people from all over Europe, a place of work and culture.
The visit starts from the entrance square of the Monteponi mine where we will observe the buildings of the school, the kindergarten, the church, the former police barracks, the post office, the old shop, the entrance to the Villamarina Gallery. With a short climb we will arrive in front of the sumptuous villa of the director of the mine and from here we will climb towards the imposing industrial buildings such as the electrolysis plants, the compressor room, the suggestive Pozzo Sella and Pozzo Vittorio, without failing to look out towards the valley and the beautiful landscape that characterizes it.
The visit is completely on foot through the streets of the abandoned village. It lasts an hour and a half. Optional visit to the Villamarina Gallery Mine (not included, but possible in private form if during the mine’s opening hours).


Monteponi and the mining village are one of the most impressive places in mining Sardinia.

The Monteponi mine was a record-breaking mine, with one of the highest Zinc and Lead extraction rates in Italy, with the presence of miners from all over Europe. A 150-year history made up of inventions and pharaonic projects, such as the construction of a private railway to transport minerals to the sea or the digging of a 6 km tunnel to extract groundwater and upgrade mining sites.

The visit to the mining village starts from the monumental entrance of the mine next to the main square, where the entrance to the Villamarina Gallery opens (which we can visit if open). From here we will observe the buildings of the school, the kindergarten, the church, the former police barracks, the post office, the old food shop, all places of aggregation or services available to the inhabitants of the old village.

After a short climb we will arrive in front of the mine director's villa, the suggestive Bella Vista building, surrounded in the past by a precious garden.

We will be surrounded by majestic industrial buildings, such as the remains of the Fonderia del Piombo, the buildings for the electrolysis of zinc, the Pozzo Vittorio, all characterized by an Art Nouveau or Nordic style, according to a typical taste of the early 1900s in the industrial.

From here we will go up to the third level of the abandoned village, moving along easy walking routes. Here we will take a look at the remains of the enormous inclined plane that allowed the ore to be transported from the enrichment plants to the private railway station at the foot of Monteponi. We will continue walking towards the compressor room, the Sella well, a building with extremely elegant architectural lines designed specifically to solve the problem of water infiltration in the tunnels.

All the buildings have a story very similar to an epic, created to solve problems in the most brilliant way possible.
From here we will descend and return to the departure square.


Cost includes:

  • English-speaking professional tourist guide
  • Complete and customizable itinerary
  • External visit to the main attractions

Cost excludes:

  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Transport and hotel pickup and drop-off (to be agreed)

Trip Facts

  • 30€ (minimum 2 people)
  • 160€ (10 people)
  • easy
  • mines